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Merton Music

String Chamber Music Catalog

Updated 8/10/2009

Complete 2008/9 U.S. Catalog in PDF

Additional Info

Booklets on lesser-known chamber music in print (in PDF)
- String Quartets -
- Two or More Strings -
- Two or More Strings & Piano -
- Strings with Winds -
See Credits

Here is the 2008/9 Merton catalog with 150 new titles. Only 25¢ per page of music with no shipping and handling charges. All the music is out of copyright and nine-tenths is out of print and unobtainable from any other source.


The music is all printed or photocopied on 100gsm A3 paper in a 160gsm cover. We lack binding facilities so bulky piano parts usually come as separate 16 page fascicles in a cover.

Grading System

All string parts (but not piano parts) are graded for difficulty on a five point system. The first movement of Beethoven Op.18 No.1 is the yardstick for Grade 3. Grade 1 is much easier; 2 easier; 4 more difficult and 5 much more difficult. Pieces are graded for strings, not for piano.


We spend nothing on advertising but rely on word-of-mouth recommendations from contented customers. If you will distribute six catalogues to other string players we shall be happy to reward you with a free copy of Merton Composers. You will also get a free copy with any order totalling more than $150.


Vln = violin
Vla = viola
VC = cello
DB = doublebass
P = pianoforte

Letters in brackets against individual items have the following meanings:
<N> New to catalog
<P> Below modern production standards either because of obsolete clefs
       (especially the "false treble clef" for cello); old style quarter rests;
       piano parts with no string staves; or just poor printing quality of the original.
<R> No bar numbers or rehearsal numbers or letters
<S> Modern computer setting – mostly by Merton Music using Sibelius
<T> Designed for Teaching

Key to Catalog Numbering System


Prices quoted are for U.S. dollars or euros. For prices in pounds sterling divide U.S. dollar prices by two; for Australian dollars multiply by 1.5; for Swedish kroner multiply by 7.5.


For up-to-date information and how to order in your own currency, please contact one of the following:

Stephanie Hicks
21 Bally Street
Kelvin Grove
Queensland 4059
Phone (07) 3352 5576

Wolfgang Schreiber
Franz-Schubert-Str. 12/1
69168 Wiesloch
Phone 06222/385117
Fax 06222/385119

Caroline Bouwman
Hobbemastraat 6'
1071 ZA Amsterdam
Phone 020 6737943
John Teague
Wivalliusgatan 15
7tr.11260 Stockholm
Phone 08-6188486
Fax: 08-6185407

Meriel Ennik
1901 Golden Rain Rd., #1
Walnut Creek, CA 94595-2180
Phone 925 287-9550

Theo Wyatt
8 Wilton Grove
London SW19 3QX
Phone/Fax 020 8540 2708

Still available online is the 2004/2005 Catalog sorted by:
Composer & Instrumentation
Instrumentation & Composer
Catalog Number
Scores Only

Booklet Credit (see above): The credit for these publications on lesser-known chamber music in print belongs almost exclusively to Jan Holländers of Zaandijk in the Netherlands whose indefatigable list-making over most of a lifetime has provided all the data herein.