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Blu-ray Review

Richard Wagner

Der Ring des Nibelungen

Das Rheingold
  • John Tomlinson - Wotan
  • Bodo Brinkmann - Donner
  • Kurt Schreibmayer - Froh
  • Graham Clark - Loge
  • Günter von Kannen - Alberich
  • Helmut Pampuch - Mime
  • Matthias Hölle - Fasolt
  • Philip Kang - Fafner
  • Linda Finnie - Fricka
  • Eva Johansson - Freia
  • Birgitta Svendén - Erda
  • Hilde Leidland - Woglinde
  • Annette Küttenbaum - Wellgunde
  • Jane Turner - Flosshilde
Die Walküre *
  • Poul Elming - Siegmund
  • Nadine Secunde - Sieglinde
  • Matthias Hölle - Hunding
  • John Tomlinson - Wotan
  • Anne Evans - Brünnhilde
  • Linda Finnie - Fricka/Siegrune
  • Eva Johansson - Gerhilde
  • Ruth Floeren - Ortlinde
  • Shirley Close - Waltraute
  • Hitomi Katagiri - Schwertleite
  • Eva-Maria Bundschuh - Helmwige
  • Birgitta Svendén - Grimgerde
  • Hebe Dijkstra - Roßweiße
Siegfried *
  • Siegfried Jerusalem - Siegfried
  • John Tomlinson - Der Wanderer
  • Günter von Kannen - Alberich
  • Philip Kang - Fafner
  • Graham Clark - Mime
  • Anne Evans - Brünnhilde
  • Birgitta Svendén - Erda
  • Hilde Leidland - Waldvogel
  • Siegfried Jerusalem - Siegfried
  • Bodo Brinkmann - Gunther
  • Philip Kang - Hagen
  • Günter von Kannen - Alberich
  • Anne Evans - Brünnhilde
  • Eva-Maria Bundschuh - Gutrune
  • Waltraud Meier - Waltraute
  • Birgitta Svendén - First Norn
  • Linda Finnie - Second Norn
  • Uta Priew - Third Norn
  • Hilde Leidland - Woglinde
  • Annette Küttenbaum - Wellgunde
  • Jane Turner - Flosshilde
Chorus & Orchestra of the Bayreuth Festival/Daniel Barenboim
Staged and directed by Harry Kupfer
Stage design - Hans Schavernoch
Costume design - Reinhard Heinrich
Video director - Horant H. Hohlfeld
Artistic supervision - Wolfgang Wagner
Filmed at the Bayreuth Festival - June/July 1991; * June/July 1992
Bonus Feature: Daniel Barenboim & John Tomlinson talk about the Harry Kupfer production of Wagner's Ring
Unitel Classica Blu-ray BD4755 917m 4 Discs LPCM Stereo Dolby DTS
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Back at the beginning of 2012 I reviewed the DVD version of this Wagner Ring set from Unitel Classica and found it excellent in just about every respect (Warner/Teldec DVD 4755). I'll simply add that I have not changed my mind in any way about my very positive assessment of the productions and performances. In fact, I will second my earlier notice by stating that this video Ring effort is truly a classic and should be acquired by all serious Wagnerians.

The only issue of concern here then is how effective this Blu-ray incarnation is. One obvious advantage is that it is presented on four discs compared with eleven in the DVD set. I don't find that there's much difference, however, in the sound reproduction between the two formats, though the Blu-ray features a slightly sharper picture and perhaps better color. Thus, if you already own the DVD set you probably won't find it absolutely necessary to upgrade to the Blu-ray version. However, to those who don't have this Wagner Ring on video, by all means get the Blu-ray, if financial resources allow. You won't be disappointed as the production values and performances are, as suggested above, the stuff of a classic. I doubt that few if any productions will ever surpass in any significant way this magnificent effort by Daniel Barenboim and Harry Kupfer. I almost feel as if I should go on, but between my original review and this terse update I've had my say. Highly recommended!

Copyright © 2012, Robert Cummings