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Baudime Jam

Baudime Jam

Baudime Jam is the author of the complete biography of George Onslow (564 pages   ISBN: 2-9520076-0-8) for which he gathered a great quantity of documents in France, Germany and England. They enable us, at last, to know the life of this forgotten composer in all its aspects, in great detail, and with a relevant aesthetic and historical sense of analysis. This book is entirely based on original sources which were mostly never published (letters, readings of the French adn European press, writings, iconography, etc.). It is meant to be a reference, not only on this composer who deserves to be seriously rediscovered, but also on one of the richest times in the History of modern music. Onslow's career has to be linked with the great questions which upset musicians, journalists and audience in his day. Studying his life means diving back into the deepest changes which modified the European artistic landscape at the beginning of the 19th century.

Baudime Jam is also responsible for the first full critical edition of the George Onslow's 36 string quartets, which had been unavalailable for more than a century. This collection has been prefaced by maestro Serge Collot (Parrenin quartet, Trio français, CNSM of Paris, etc.) – excerpt: "This edition of the George Onslow's chamber music arrives just in time to enlarge the repertoire with an important missing link. This is a very complex task as the sources are very divergent. I trust completly Mr. Baudime Jam to fulfil this assignment and I thank him heartily for this achievement." This editorial event should enable the reintroduction of this chamber music treasure into the repertory. Several editions of the time have been studied and compared, so that, in some cases, two different versions of the same movement could be offered.

Baudime Jam has been invited to pronounce a number of lectures in order to introduce his works who were supported among others by the French Ministry of Culture: among these lectures, one can mention those which took place at the castle Chalendrat (September 28th), in Clermont-Ferrand for the Alliance Française (October 16th), and at the University of La Sorbonne (Paris) on November 6th.

As the author of this biography and editor of the Onslow's chamber music, but also as a lecturer and an interpreter (member of the Prima Vista quartet), and as the artistic director and founder of the festival "Les soirées Onslow dans les châteaux d'Auvergne", Baudime Jam is currently known as the fullest Onslow specialist.

The biography and the first book of three quartets (opus 9, including the beautiful variations on "God save the King"), were published in September 2003. They are available on many important websites, but also at the "Éditions du mélophile". Inquiries should be made in French, German or English at:

Prima Vista Quartet

Prima Vista Quartet

The Prima Vista quartet (Elzbieta Gladys: violin 1, Baudime Jam: viola, Sarah Lauret: cello, Anne Verger: violin 2), devotes itself to the forgotten repertoire of George Onslow for many years during their official concerts season in Clermont-Ferrand, but also when they tour in France and Europe, as well as during the festival "Les Soirées Onslow" which take place each august in various castles of Auvergne.