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The Golden Age of Light Music

The Hall of Fame – Volume 2

  • Zez Confrey: Dizzy Fingers - Percy Faith And His Orchestra Featuring The Magic Voices
  • Heinz Provost: Intermezzo – Theme from the Film - David Rose And His Orchestra
  • Waldir Azevedo: Delicado - Frank Cordell And His Orchestra
  • Richard Rodgers: Dancing On The Ceiling - André Kostelanetz And His Orchestra
  • Harry Revel: Possession (from the suite "Perfume Set To Music") (arr. Leslie Baxter) – Orchestra & Chorus/Leslie Baxter with Dr. Samuel Hoffman, Theremin
  • Charles Williams: The Good Earth - Danish State Radio Orchestra/Robert Farnon
  • Sidney Torch: Covered Wagon - Danish State Radio Orchestra/Hubert Clifford
  • Hamilton Harty: Fair Day - New Concert Orchestra/Jack Leon
  • E.Y. Harburg/Harold Arlen: Over The Rainbow (from "The Wizard Of Oz") - Morton Gould And His Orchestra
  • Gaste/Bonnett: Majorca (also known as 'Midinette') - Monty Kelly And His Orchestra
  • Charles Nissen/Eddie Cassen: Tango Capriccioso (arr. Laurie Johnson) – Ambrose And His Orchestra
  • Richard Rossmayer: Alt Wein - Richard Hayman And His Orchestra
  • Len Stevens: This Modern Age - Danish State Radio Orchestra/Hubert Clifford
  • Norbert Ludwig: The Blue Scarecrow - David Carroll And His Orchestra
  • Nicholas Acquaviva/Ted Varnick: Am I In Love - Acquaviva And His Orchestra
  • Bruce Campbell: Always Late But Lovely - Danish State Radio Orchestra/Robert Farnon
  • Ernesto Lecuona: The Breeze And I ('Andalucia' from the Andalucia Suite) - Frank De Volume And His Orchestra
  • Vincent Youmans: Time On My Hands - Meyer Davis And His Orchestra
  • Norman Whiteley: Dusky Aristocrat - Harry Davidson And His Orchestra
  • Alphons Czibulka: Stephanie Gavotte - Kurt Burling's Rococo Orchestra
  • Victor Herbert: March Of The Toys (from "Babes in Toyland") (arr. Angela Morley) – Tip Top Tunes Orchestra/Geraldo
  • Trevor Duncan:
  • Grand Vista (from "Title Music") - New Concert Orchestra/R. de Porten
  • High Heels - New Concert Orchestra/Jack Leon
  • Posterity - New Concert Orchestra/Frederic Curzon
  • Lady In Love (as 'Steve Bretton') - L'orchestre Devereaux/Georges Devereaux
  • Backstreet (from "Pictures In A Fog") - New Concert Orchestra/Jack Leon
Guild Light Music GLCD5124 78m ADD
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Childhood Memories

  • Robert Farnon: Playtime - Danish State Radio Orchestra/Robert Farnon
  • Bruce Campbell:
  • Children's Hour - Danish State Radio Orchestra/Robert Farnon
  • Skippy - Danish State Radio Orchestra/Robert Farnon
  • Edward White: Clockwork Clown - New Concert Orchestra/Cedric Dumont
  • Frederick George Charrosin: Playbox - Louis Voss And His Orchestra
  • Dolf van der Linden: Peter Pan - Dolf Van Der Linden And His Orchestra
  • Angela Morley: Tinkerbell - Danish State Radio Orchestra/Robert Farnon
  • Henry Croudson: Little Boy Blue - Louis Voss And His Orchestra
  • Joseph Engleman: Children's Playtime Suite
  • Hide and Seek - West End Celebrity Orchestra
  • Marbles - International Radio Orchestra
  • Pick a Back - Regent Classic Orchestra
  • Ring O' Roses - Regent Classic Orchestra
  • Trevor Duncan: Children In The Park: Dancing for Joy – New Concert Orchestra/Dolf Van Der Linden
  • Leslie Judah Solley (Leslie Clair): Dance of the Blue Marionettes (arr. Len Stevens) - Queen's Hall Light Orchestra/Sidney Torch
  • Ray Martin: Fun Fair - Ray Martin And His Concert Orchestra
  • John Fortis: The Dancer At The Fair - Charles Shadwell And His Orchestra
  • Rufus Isaacs: Helter Skelter - National Light Orchestra
  • Vivian Ellis: Jolly Juggler - Danish State Radio Orchestra/Robert Farnon
  • José Armandola: In The Circus: Cowboy's Horsemanship - London Concert Orchestra
  • Roger Roger: Clowneries - Roger Roger And His Champs Elysees Orchestra
  • Charles Williams:
  • Model Railway - New Concert Orchestra/Jack Leon
  • The Music Lesson - Charles Williams And His Concert Orchestra
  • Douglas Brownsmith: Time For Fun And Games - National Light Orchestra
  • Willy Rosen: Five o' Clock Tea In The Dolls' House - Regent Classic Orchestra
  • Kennedy Russell: Parade of the Gnomes - London Promenade Orchestra/Walter Collins
  • Adalgiso Ferraris: Toytown Parade - London Promenade Orchestra/Walter Collins
  • Roger Quilter: Children's Overture - Sidney Torch And His Orchestra
Guild Light Music GLCD5125 78m ADD
Find it at AmazonFind it at Amazon UKFind it at Amazon GermanyFind it at Amazon CanadaFind it at Amazon FranceFind it at Amazon JapanOrder Now from ArkivMusic.comFind it at CD Universe

These two CDs continue Guild's inimitable foray into the Light Music genre which has now reached almost 30 CDs (4 more new issues will be reviewed shortly) with literally hundreds of tracks coming from scores of orchestras and interpreters. This second volume in the 'Hall of Fame' series and a new album called Childhood Memories are lovely additions to the catalogue with the latter particularly poignant in its depiction of times gone by.

Amongst the various pieces one finds on the former disc is the theme from the film, 'Intermezzo' by Provost, the delightful 'Covered Wagon' by Sidney Torch and the famous 'March of the Toys' by Victor Herbert. The featured composer is Leonard Trebilco aka Trevor Duncan and there are five of his works conducted by amongst others, Frederick Curzon and Jack Leon.

However by far the most compelling CD is the one dedicated to that long lost world of Children's Memories. with titles such as 'Tinkerbell', 'Peter Pan', 'Children's Hour', 'Playtime', 'Model Railway' and such like, this CD surely rises to the top of one's list of desirables. Concluding with a legendary attempt of Quilter's 'Children's Overture by the great Sidney Torch, this disc is essential material for the nostalgia prone.

All the big names such as Robert Farnon, Hubert Clifford, Walter Collins and Torch are here with other less well known interpreters and orchestras. Yet again, one cannot but offer a sincere thumbs up to such wonderful collections, deigned to grace and shelf in a trip back into time.

Copyright © 2007, Gerald Fenech