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Sir John Tavener

Works List


  • Duo Concertante, for trombone and piano
  • Portrait d'une Jeune Fille et l'Harpe, for harp, organ, violin
  • Credo, for tenor solo, chorus, narrator, oboes, brass, organ


  • Elegy In Memoriam Frank Salisbury, for violin solo and string quartet
  • Genesis, for tenor solo, chorus, narrator, brass, percussion, organ, piano, string quartet
  • Piano Concerto (1962-1963), for piano solo, horns, timpani, strings
  • Three Holy Sonnets of John Donne, for baritone solo, brass, percussion, strings


  • Three Sections from T.S. Eliot's Four Quartets, for high voice and piano


  • The Cappemakers (revised 1965)


  • Cain and Abel, for 4 solo voices and orchestra
  • The Whale (1965-1966), for mezzo and baritone soloists, chorus, narrator, orchestra, tape, men with loud hailers
  • Chamber Concerto, for orchestra


  • Grandma's Footsteps, for musical boxes and instrumentalists
  • Three Surrealist Songs, for mezzo-soprano, tape, piano, bongos


  • Introit for March 27, the Feast of St John Damascene, for soprano and alto soloists, chorus, brass, piano, vibraphone, organ, strings
  • In Alium, for high soprano solo, Hammond organ, grand organ, piano, strings, tape


  • Celtic Requiem, for high soprano solo, children's chorus, adult chorus, orchestra


  • Nomine Jesu, for mezzo solo, chorus, 2 alto flutes, chamber organ, 5 male speaking voices
  • Coplas, for SATB soloists, chorus, tape


  • Responsorium in Memory of Annon Lee Silver, for 2 mezzo soloists, chorus, flutes
  • In Memoriam Igor Stravinsky, for 2 alto flutes, chamber organ, handbells


  • Variations on Three Blind Mice, for orchestra
  • Ma fin est ma commencement, for chorus, trombones, percussion, cellos
  • Little Requiem for Father Malachy Lynch, for chorus, flutes trumpet, organ, strings
  • Canciones Españolas, for 2 high voices, flutes, organ, harpsichord, percussion
  • Ultimos Ritos, for mezzo solo, 12 basses, SATB soloists, 5 male speaking voices, chorus, orchestra, tape
  • Antiphon for Christmas Morning, for soprano voices


  • Requiem for Father Malachy (revised 1979), for soloists, chorus, orchestra
  • Therese (1973-1976), for soprano, bass and 2 tenor soloists, chorus, children's chorus, orchestra


  • Canticle of the Mother of God, for soprano solo and chorus
  • The Liturgy of St John Chrysostom, for priest and chorus
  • Six Russian Folksongs, for soprano solo, domra, chamber ensemble
  • Palin, for piano solo


  • A Gentle Spirit, for soprano and tenor soloists, orchestra, tape
  • Kyklike Kinesis, for soprano and cello soloists, chorus, orchestra
  • Lamentation, Last Prayer and Exaltation, for soprano solo and handbells


  • Palintropos, for piano solo and orchestra
  • The Immurement of Antigone, for soprano solo and orchestra


  • Greek Interlude, for flute and piano
  • Six Abbasid Songs, for tenor solo, flutes, percussion
  • Akhmatova Requiem (1979-1980), for soprano and bass soloists, orchestra


  • Sappho: Lyrical Fragments, for 2 soprano soloists and string orchestra
  • My Grandfather's Waltz, for piano duet


  • The Great Canon of St Andrew of Crete, for chorus
  • Trisagion, for brass quintet
  • Prayer for the World, for chorus
  • Mandelion, for organ solo
  • Risen!, for chorus and orchestra
  • Funeral Ikos, for chorus


  • Towards the Son, for 4 bowed psalteries, 3 trebles, orchestra
  • Doxa, for chorus
  • The Lord's Prayer, for chorus
  • Mandoodles, for a young pianist
  • He Hath Entered the Heven, for trebles with handbells
  • The Lamb, for chorus
  • 1983
  • To A Child Dancing in the Wind, for soprano, flute, harp, viola
  • Sixteen Haiku of Seferis, for soprano and tenor soloists, percussion, strings
  • Ikon of Light, for chorus and string trio


  • Little Missenden Calm, for oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn
  • Chant, for guitar solo
  • Mini Song Cycle for Gina, for soprano solo and piano
  • Orthodox Vigil Service, for priests, chorus, handbells


  • Eis Thanaton, for soprano and bass soloists, bass trombones, harp, percussion, strings
  • Two Hymns to the Mother of God, for chorus
  • Love Bade Me Welcome, for chorus
  • Angels, for chorus and organ


  • Panikhida, for chorus
  • Akathist of Thanksgiving, for soloists, chorus, percussion, organ, strings
  • Ikon of St Cuthbert of Lindisfarne, for chorus
  • In Memory of Cats, for piano solo
  • Meditation on the Light, for counter-tenor solo, guitar, handbells
  • Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis, for chorus


  • The Protecting Veil, for cello solo and string orchestra
  • The Tyger, for chorus
  • Prayer (for Szymanowski), for bass solo and piano
  • Wedding Prayer, for chorus
  • Many Years, for chorus
  • The Acclamation, for chorus
  • God is With Us, for chorus and organ
  • Hymn to the Holy Spirit, for 3 solo trebles plus chorus


  • Let Not the Prince be Silent, for double chorus
  • Ikon of St Seraphim, for baritone and counter-tenor soloists, chorus, orchestra
  • The Uncreated Eros, for chorus
  • Apolytikion for St Nicholas, for chorus
  • The Call, for chorus
  • Song for Ileana, for flute solo
  • A Nativity Carol, for girls' chorus
  • Resurrection, for soloists, chorus, recorders, brass, percussion, organ, string quartet
  • Ikon of the Crucifixion, for soloists, chorus, brass, percussion, organ, strings


  • The Hidden Treasure - String Quartet No. 1
  • Lament of the Mother of God, for soprano solo and chorus
  • Wedding Greeting, for tenor solo and chorus
  • Eonia, for chorus
  • Mary of Egypt, for soprano, bass and alto soloists, chorus, children's chorus, orchestra, tape loop
  • Psalm 121, for chorus
  • Today the Virgin, for chorus


  • The Repentant Thief, for clarinet solo, percussion, strings
  • Thunder Entered Her, for chorus, organ, male voices, handbells
  • Ikon of the Trinity, for solo soprano and bass plus chorus
  • We Shall See Him As He Is, for tenor and soprano soloists, chorus, trumpets, percussion, organ, strings
  • O, Do Not Move, for chorus
  • A Christmas Round, for chorus
  • Thrinos, for cello solo


  • The Apocalypse (1991-1992), for tenor, bass, soprano, mezzo and saxophone
  • Soloists, 7 male-voice choirs, 7 counter-tenors, children's choir, recorders, brass, percussion, handbells, organ, strings, string quartet
  • The Last Sleep of the Virgin – String Quartet No.2, for string quartet and handbells
  • Ikon of the Nativity, for chorus
  • Let's Begin Again (1991-1994), for bass solo, chorus, orchestra, children miming
  • Eternal Memory, for cello solo and string orchestra
  • Village Wedding, for chorus


  • Annunciation, for SATB soloists and chorus
  • The Child Lived, for soprano and cello
  • Akhmatova Songs, for soprano and cello
  • Theophany (1992-1993), for orchestra, bandir drum, tape
  • Hymns of Paradise, for bass solo, boys' voices, 6 violins


  • The Myrrh Bearer, for viola solo, chorus, percussion
  • The Lord's Prayer, for chorus
  • Song For Athene, for chorus
  • The World is Burning, for bass solo, chorus, tam-tam


  • Melina, for soprano solo
  • Song of the Angel, for soprano and violin soloists, strings
  • Agraphon, for soprano solo and strings, 2 timpani
  • Amen, for SATB
  • Wedding Prayer, for SATB
  • Innocence, for soprano, tenor, cello and organ soloists, SATB, handbells


  • Tears of the Angels, for violin solo, strings
  • Prayer to the Holy Trinity, for SATB
  • Three Antiphons, for SATB
  • Svyati, for cello solo, SATB
  • Feast of Feasts, for SSTTB soloists, SATB, 3-4 percussion (2 sets of handbells, tubular bell, large gong, large tam-tam), organ (optional)
  • Akhmatova Songs, for soprano and string quartet
  • Chant, for cello solo
  • Diodia - String Quartet No. 3
  • Lament for Phaedra, for cello and soprano


  • Petra: A Ritual Dream, for singing string ensemble (7 players)
  • The Hidden Face, for counter-tenor and oboe soloists, 8 violins, 8 violas
  • Wake Up… and Die, for cello solo, orchestral cello section
  • As One Who Has Slept, for SATB
  • Hymn of the Unwaning Light, for SATB
  • Funeral Canticle, for SATB
  • Notre Pere, for children's choir
  • Out of the Night, for viola solo
  • Vlepondas, for soprano, baritone and cello


  • … depart in peace, for solo soprano, tampura (optional), strings
  • Eternity's Sunrise, for soprano solo, flute, oboe, lute, handbells, strings
  • Apolytikion of St Martin, for SSAATTTBB
  • Come and Do Your Will in Me, for SATB
  • Fear and Rejoice, O People, for SATB
  • The Last Discourse, for soprano, bass and double-bass (amplified), soloists, SATB
  • Lament for Constantinople, for baritone and alto flute
  • My Gaze Is Ever Upon You, for violin, tape
  • Samaveda, for soprano, flute and tampura
  • The World, for string quartet and soprano
  • Fall and Resurrection, for orchestra and soloists
  • Ypakoe, for piano solo
  • Voices, for solo soprano, chorus, Tibetan bowls and bells
  • Zodiacs, for solo piano


  • Apolytikion of the Incarnation, for SATB
  • In the Month of Athyr, for narrator plus SATB
  • Many Years for the 50th Birthday of HRH the Prince of Wales, for SATB
  • Prayer for the Healing of the Sick, for SATB
  • Ravonee, for chorus
  • Ikon of St Hilda, for chorus
  • All Ye That in Christ Have Been Baptised, for chorus
  • Bethel, for chorus
  • Nipson, for solo counter-tenor plus viol consort


  • Mahamatra
  • Song of the Cosmos
  • The Fool
  • The Bridegroom – String Quartet No. 4
  • Acclamation for the Millennium
  • Total Eclipse
  • Apokatastasis
  • The Toll Houses
  • Zoe
  • Mystagogia
  • Tribute to Cavafy
  • The Mother of God
  • In Memory…
  • The Lord's Prayer

Copyright © 2001 by Sean Martin