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Giuseppe Verdi


Librettist: Antonio Ghislanzoni
Based on a story by Auguste Mariette

Cast of Characters

  • Aïda, (soprano) an Ethiopian princess enslaved in Egypt
  • Amneris, (mezzo-soprano) Egyptian Princess
  • High Priestess, (Soprano
  • Radames, (tenor) Egyptian army captain
  • Messenger, (tenor)
  • Amonasro, (baritone) Ethiopian King and father of Aïda
  • Ramfis, (bass) High Priest of Isis
  • King of Egypt, (bass) Amneris' father
  • Priests, priestesses, dancers, slaves, gaurds and soldiers, Egyptian populace and Ethiopian prisoners of war.


Egypt at the time of the Pharoah's.


24th December, 1871; Cairo, Egypt.


Aïda, an Ethiopian princess, is torn between love of her homeland, family and the man who loves her. Radames, is the man Aïda loves. He is appointed Commander of the Egyptian Army and sent off to fight the Ethiopian invasion. Amneris senses the feelings between Aïda and Radames which angers her for she is also in love with Radames. Radames returns to Egypt victorious along with a group of Ethiopian prisoners. Included in the group is Amonasro, Aïda's father. Amonasro manipulates Aïda into discovering the battle plan of the Egyptian Army from Radames. He is discovered giving the details to Aïda and Amonasro by Amneris and is sentenced to be buried alive. Aïda is an opera in which emotions run wild and you can probably identify with at least one of the characters.

Memorable sections of music

Celeste Aïda
Triumphal scene from Act II
O Patria Mia
Final Trio: O terra, addio

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