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Giuseppe Verdi

I Masnadieri

Librettist: Andrea Maffei
Based on Die Räuber by Friedrich Schiller

Cast of Characters

  • Massimiliano, (bass) Reigning Count of Moor
  • Carlo, (tenor) his oldest son
  • Francesco, (baritone) his younger son
  • Amalia, (soprano) an orphan and the count's niece
  • Arminio, (tenor) Steward to the Count's family
  • Moser, (bass) a priest
  • Rolla, (baritone) a companion of Carlo
  • Chorus of erring youths who later become robbers, Women, children and servants.


Germany at the beginning of the 18th century and lasts about three years.


22nd July 1847; London, England.


While waiting for word from his father, Carlo yearns for his family, homeland and true love Amalia. He is truly penitent for taking up with the Masnadieri and his actions at the University. Carlo receives a letter from his brother telling him not to return home for risk of imprisonment as ordered by his father. Francesco plots to gain his father's wealth and power. He tells Massimiliano that Carlo has been killed in battle. Massimiliano faints at the news and is thought to be dead. Close to home, Carlo is re-united with Amalia who is being pursued by Francesco. Carlo hides from her his union with the Masnadieri (Bandits). Later, Carlo finds his father alive, but imprisoned with little food by his brother. His father asks Carlo to spare Francesco's life which Carlo agrees to. Amalia is conforted with Carlo's allegiance to the Masnadieri and tells Carlo she can live the lifestyle of the bandits. Carlo, however, knows what her decision entales and would rather have her dead. He stabs her and rushes off to his own trial and eventual execution.

Memorable sections of music

the Overture
O mio castel paterno
Dio, ti ringrazio!

Final Trio: Caduto è il reprobo!

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Copyright © 1996, Stephen L. Parker