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Jewish Love Songs

  • Abraham Ellstein:
  • Oy Mame, bin Ikh Farlibt (Oh, Mama, I'm in Love)
  • Ikh Vil es Hern Nokh Amol ("I Want to Hear It Again" for the show "Ikh bin farlibt") (5:20)
  • Ben Tzion Witler:
  • Dos gesang fun mejn harz
  • Wo nemt men a bissele massel
  • Naomi Shemer: Chorshat Ha'ekaliptus
  • Yossef Hadar: Erev Shel Shoshanim
  • Sholom Secunda: Sog farwos
  • Nurit Hirsch: Oseh Shalom
  • Traditional:
  • Lebedik Un Freilach
  • Neshumele
  • Ojfn Weg Stejt A Bojm
  • Chtsos (Midnight Prayer)
  • Los bilbilicos (The Birds)
  • Cuando Veyo Hija Hermosa
Gefilte Fish
Farao Classics W109057 68min
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This is not the first venture by this magnificent ensemble, whereby their choice of programme has encompassed the crossing of cultural borders, only this time the menu is more specialized and appealing. Indeed, "Gefilte Fish" refers to a Jewish dish for festive days and holidays, for which there are as many recipes as there are cooks. It is also a musical occasion, a feast for the ears, where people of all races and creeds can wallow in the beauty of these exquisite sounds.

Jewish music has a strong universal appeal and these love songs "farlibt" (in love) tell of dark eyes, pounding hearts, a singing nightingale and a scent-filled night that intoxicates the senses with dreams of youthful pleasures. On the other hand, they also convey the darker aspects of love which very often weigh heavily on the heart. Anyone dealing with love can express it in a diversity of ways; the love of God, of one's family and neighbor and even of one's self.

The songs are sung in Yiddish, Ladino and Hebrew, and performances are of the highest artistic standards. To say that the singing and playing overflow with soulful emotion is an understatement. A sumptuous album that should enthrall and fascinate not only those who have such repertoire at heart, but also those who enjoy foraging into rare musical territories. Sound and presentation are first rate. Gefilte Fish are: Andrea Giani (vocals), Joe Rappaport, (violin), Vlad Cojocaru (accordion), Roman Chowdhury (guitar), Tobias Schwartz (contrabass).

Copyright © 2010, Gerald Fenech.