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Antonio Vivaldi

Instrumental Works Cross-Reference

Being a great admirer of Vivaldi's instrumental works, I've always wished I had a comprehensive and complete listing of all the master's works with the assigned catalog numbers by the various catalogers structured in such a way as to allow easy searching, sorting and translation between the catalog numbers. A fairly thorough search turned up no such resource, so I decided to create a database of Vivaldi's works that could be used to create cross-reference lists including any and all information usually included in the various works lists. These lists are generated from that database.

Currently, the following lists are available:

List 1 - Sorted by Ryom Number
List 2 - Sorted by Fanna Number
List 3 - Sorted by Pincherle Number
List 4 - Sorted by Ricordi Number
List 5 - Sorted by Opus Number
List 6 - Instrumentation & Comments
List 7 - Manuscript Sources Sorted by Ryom Number
List 8 - Operas & Vocal Music by Ryom Number New!

Some interesting statistics:

639 Instrumental Works (512 Concertos, 108 Sonatas, 19 Sinfonias)

  • 253 Concerti for Violin, strings & basso continuo.
  • 44 Concerti for Strings & basso continuo.
  • 42 Sonatas for Violin & basso continuo.
  • 39 Concerti for Bassoon, strings & basso continuo.
  • 28 Concerti for 2 Violins, strings & basso continuo.
  • 26 Concerti for Cello, strings & basso continuo.
  • 25 Sonatas for 2 Violins & basso continuo.
  • 20 Concerti for Oboe, strings & basso continuo.
  • 17 Sinfonias for Strings & basso continuo.
  • 15 Concerti for Flute, strings & basso continuo.
  • 10 Sonatas for Cello & basso continuo.
  • 97 Concertos for various and/or multiple instruments.
  • 21 Sonatas (including trios) for various and/or multiple instruments.
  • 2 Sinfonias for Violin, strings & basso continuo.

  • 42 works in A Major
  • 28 works in A minor
  • 62 works in B Flat Major
  • 17 works in B minor
  • 99 works in C Major
  • 26 works in C minor
  • 77 works in D Major
  • 44 works in D minor
  • 20 works in E Flat Major
  • 15 works in E Major
  • 25 works in E minor
  • 72 works in F Major
  • 4 works in F minor
  • 49 works in G Major
  • 58 works in G minor


The "New Grove Italian Baroque Masters" article on Vivaldi by Michael Talbot
1980, 1984 W.W. Norton & Company ISBN 0-393-30094-3

Vivaldi by Alan Kendall
1978 Chappell & Company Limited ISBN 0-903-44326-0

Various volumes of the "Informazioni e studi vivaldiani" published by "Instituto Italiano Antonio Vivaldi" (founded by Sgr. Antonio Fanna).
Sgr. Gian Francesco Malipiero is both Artistic Director of Institute and the editor of the scores; and G. Ricordi & Co. are the publishers of the scores (Edizioni Ricordi).

I would like to acknowledge the invaluable assistance provided by Winslowe Lacesso At the University of Alberta, Canada, in researching inconsistencies and typos in the lists and referring to the published scores as necessary. Her assistance is greatly appreciated.