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Music of the Augustan Age


The Life and Afterlife of Jan Dismas Zelenka, Janice B. Stockigt: Musicology Australia 1996 Volume XIX

The Vesper Psalms of Jan Dismas Zelenka (1679-1745) in the Liturgy and Life of the Dresden Catholic Court Church, Diss. J.B. Stockigt: University of Melbourne, 1994 Ann Arbor: UMI, 1995 9537707

Polnischer Bock music at the Württemberg court c 1730, Samantha Owens: Consort, European Journal of Early Music Summer 1998 Vol.54

The Operas of Johann Adolf Hasse, F.L. Millner

The Late Baroque Age, George J. Buelow

The Life and Works of Francesco Maria Veracini, J.W. Hill

Bach Dokumente

The Age of Bach and Handel, J.A. Fuller Maitland

Bach Reader, David and Mendel

Anthology of Music: The Music of the Figured Bass Era, Günter Hausswald

An 18th Century Tour in Central Europe and the Netherlands, Charles Burney

The Master Musicians: Vivaldi, M. Talbot

A. Vivaldi- His Life and Work, Walter Kölneder

Bach: A Biography, C. Stanford-Terry

Baroque Music, N. Anderson

New Grove: J.S. Bach, Christoph Wolff

Bach: Essays on his Life and Music, Christoph Wolff

Music at Court: Four 18th Century Studies, A. Torke Lang

Early Music Magazine April 1991: The Vocal Works of Jan Dismas Zelenka, Jaroslav Buzga

Early Music Magazine February 1989: The Dresden Hofkapelle during the lifetime of Johann Sebastian Bach, Ortrun Landmann

Early Music Magazine February 1989: Johann Sebastian Bach's orchestra: some unanswered questions, Hans-Joachim Schulze

Musical Ensembles in Festival Books 1500-1800: An Iconographical and Documentary Study, E.A. Bowles

The Late Sonatas of Silvius Leopold Weiss: Phd Diss May 1977, D.A. Smith

New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, edited by Stanley Sadie

On the Origins of the Sonate auf Concertenart: Journal of the AMS 1993, Jeanne Swack

The Ensemble Sonatas of G.P. Telemann: Studies in Style, Genre and Chronology Phd Diss Cornell 1995, Steve Zohn

Heinichen Rediscovered, George J. Buelow

Diana Su L'Elba and La Gara Degli Dei: Prefaces: A-R Editions (forthcoming), Michael Walter

The Horn in Early Eighteenth Century Dresden: The Players and their Repertory DMA University of Wisconsin-Madison, Thomas Hiebert

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